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Ultimate Hanoi Adventures is a Hanoi Travel Agency that offers regional tours to Halong Bay, Sapa, and one-day trips from Hanoi to various destinations.

We have five years of experience as a travel consultant and two years of experience directing Hanoi tours as a local tour operator. We have the knowledge and background to deliver you accurate and detailed information you need to know to travel in Vietnam.

Ultimate Hanoi Adventures is the best choice for those who have a desire to explore local experiences in Hanoi, enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay on cruises or trek through Sapa.

We’re always accommodating and sort out travel arrangements and have many options which subject to your needs, your interests. All available options for you guys

Diverse Destinations

From local tours that we run our own such as hidden place at residential neighbors to beautiful nature Sapa or amazing seascape Halong Bay or countryside Hoa Lu, We’re ready to show and introduce our destinations to meet your interest.

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Enjoy Hanoi food at eateries like locals do. Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere in Hanoi



Leisurely enjoy the magnificent beauty of Halong Bay in a unique and wonderful way



Trekking experience in Sapa mountains to explore the natural beauty and meet the local ethnic minorities



Experience home-cooking classes at a local house to learn how to make authentic Vietnamese cuisine


Cannot-miss tourist attractions when traveling in Hanoi
Vietnam is one of the countries that have history span of more than 2,000 years, together with racial and cultural diversity, which has in it...
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My Son Sanctuary-World Heritage Site in Central Vietnam
My Son Sanctuary, an ancient Unesco World Heritage Site is located in the central part of Vietnam and amongst the mountains in a geological basin...
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The Tale of Hoan Kiem Lake (Returned Sword Lake)
Long time ago, Minh invaders dominated Vietnam, treating the people with great cruelty. In Lam Son, a rebel army arose and tried to defeat the...
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The Hanoi Opera House-Timeless Beauty
The Hanoi Opera House is a stunning example of French colonial architecture in Hanoi. The French built this site over 100 years ago. Two French...
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Hanoi cyclo (Rickshaw) – a three-wheel bicycle taxi
Historical accounts reveal that in 1888, after Vietnam's feudal regime ceded Hanoi, which was no longer its capital, to the French as a concession land...
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Hanoi’s Temple of Literature
The 82 stone stele in the Temple of Literature are an invaluable gift from our ancestor Scholarship and talent are honored in the Garden of...
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Communal Temple Carvings
The communal temple is a cornerstone of each Vietnamese community. A line in an old song states: “Going through the communal temple, I remove my...
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Ideal Escapes for your own travel
Visit Ideal Escapes to get a well-planned trip as you may travel with your passion, your needs everywhere because Ideal Escapes has diverse destinations and...
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Reasons you should visit Hanoi in spring
If you still wonder whether you visit Hanoi in spring or not, 5 below reasons will give you more motivation and convince you to go...
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Damien Drignon

Reliable and friendly Hanoi travel agency

Huyen arranged for us to take a 3-day Halong Bay tour, they offered great advice and explained everything in details what we need to know. She and her staff are friendly and We kept in touch with her via Whatsapp all time during trips. I highly recommend this Hanoi Travel Agency


Joe Passmore

Best local tour operator in Hanoi Old Quarter

We contacted and discussed through emails with Ducivan and we had a great experience while doing boths tour in Hanoi. The first night in Hanoi, we did seafood walking tour and had a great night, next day, we did the city tour by motorbike