Ha Long Bay: spectacular beauty of the world natural heritage

Landscape on Ha Long Bay is the gathering of 2,000 limestone islands covered by the green of forest majestically standing on dark green water, which shows the magnificent and unique beauty of nature.

Ha Long Bay – spectacular natural wonder

Ha Long Bay is located in Quang Ninh province. It is a spectacular natural heritage recognized by UNESCO attracts many international tourists to visit. Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of Ha Long Bay, a world heritage site of UNESCO with adventurous tour will bring interesting experience of Ha Long Bay tour in short-day holiday to you.


At the same time, when travelling to Ha Long Bay, visitors can learn about life and customs of idyllic rural villages of Northern region in Vietnam. Then, you can take a boat for sightseeing on the green water land to observe the landscapes of the bay with more than 2,000 limestone islands covering the green forest. There will be more wonderful if you can admire the majestic beauty of the Bay from the height by the seaplane.

Ha Long Bay chosen to be one of the most attractive destinations in the world by lots of international tourism site
The landscape of the bay is prominent by the system of rocky islands and beautiful caves. In Ha Long, there are two types of islands, which are limestone islands and schist islands. They are concentrated in two main places including the southeastern are of Bai Tu Long Bay and southwestern area of Ha Long Bay. This is the most ancient images of the terrain with tectonic age of 250 – 280 million years and is the result of the raised and lowered process in several times from the continent into the sunken sea. The process of karst erosion and weathering almost create a unique Ha Long Bay in the world.

Ha Long Bay treasures hundreds of stone islands. Each island brought a different shape in very lively way: Dau Nguoi Islet, Dragon Islet, La Vong Islet, Canh Buom (Sail) Islet, Trong Mai (Fighting Cock Rocks) Islet, Lu Huong Islet and so on. Hidden inside the rock islands is beautiful caves closely attached with many miraculous legends such as Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, Tam Cung Cave. It really is the castles of the Creator among the earth place. In the past, Ha Long Bay was regarded as “Wonder of the land amongst the high heavens” by the great poet Nguyen Du.

In the bay, there are more than 2,000 small limestone islands with the cover of green forest among the dark green of water

Boat tour to sightsee Ha Long Bay is a popular interesting experience

The breath taking landscape of Ha Long Bay with green sea and boats

Highlights of a guided Ha Long Bay tour

– Experience a traditional Junk boat on Ha Long Bay
– Visit a fishing village to know more about traditions and customs of fishermen
– Enjoy the fresh and delicious seafood meals

Discover Ha Long Bay

If traveling by flights to Ha Long Bay, visitors will have exciting hours for sightseeing of the bay from the aircraft to feel the changes from the city to the beautiful scenes of majestic nature with the islets among the immense bay.
Tourists should remember to visit Hong Ngoc Humanity Center to buy the craft produces of local people as souvenirs.


On arrival to Ha Long city, you can take the small boat to begin the journey to discover the unspoiled beauty of limestone islands around Ha Long Bay. It can be said that the bay is a natural heritage famous for spectacular scenery and majestic scenes of the islands. In the bay, there are more than 2,000 small islands along with the legend of the dragon retold by the tour guide. On the Ha Long Bay tour, you can explore the caves with their mysterious secrets, and then a rustic fishing village to find out the culture and customs of the local people.

Back in the boat and enjoy the seafood dishes from a variety of fresh fish. After that, you will be back to the boat and enjoy the dishes from seafood, especially the fresh fish.

In brief, Ha Long Bay is your cannot-miss tourist attraction if you plan the trip to Vietnam



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