There are several cooking centers in Hanoi but if you are looking for an authentic Hanoi home-cooking experience at the traditional house or the personalized tour that makes us intimate, join Hanoi cooking class with a local. This is a great way to learn how authentic Hanoian foods are made.

Doing Hanoi cooking class with a teacher, Mrs Hang who is the sweet Hanoian lady and the host as well will bring you great experience.

Normally, the cooking class starts in the morning and it lasts 4 hours. For those who are willing to go to a local market, we start the tour at 8 am and we will guide you through the local market to buy ingredients for a meal preparation.

Upon arrival in a cozy house hidden at the back of clothing store, you guys will be served a local tea before doing the cooking class, We get into the kitchen. Although it has the modest space (that’s why 4 people is maximum), we may make a delicious meal ourselves. Cooking local dishes yourself is a combination of watching and doing. With the lady’s patience and her skills, we can cook Hanoian food that tourists don’t usually get to taste.
This time lasts around 4 hours and it helps you to learn how to cook Hanoi specialties with lots of different choices in a menu or a customized menu

Finish our meal, we will have desserts and gifts from the host
At the conclusion of the cooking class, written recipes will be available for the dishes that we made so that you’re able to do steps and prepare the ingredients while making at home. Your experience will be unforgettable

Note: For a customized menu, simply state what you would like to learn and our host will prepare a customized menu for you.
Market shopping is only available for 8 am bookings