How to make Bun Cha (rice noodle with grilled pork) with Hanoi style recipe

Rice noodle with grilled pork balls is a typical dish of Hanoi’s people with special taste. This is definitely indispensable food for those who love Hanoi cuisine, especially for the foreign tourists. With the instructions from a Hanoi cooking class on how to make Hanoi style noodle with grilled patties, hope that you can learn a great dish to make for your own when you missed it during your trip in Hanoi.



– Pork belly: 500gr
– Pork shoulder: 500gr
– Onions, lemon, chili, garlic or green papaya/ cucumber, carrot, fresh herbs
– Seasoning powder, fish sauce, brown or white sugar, oyster cooking oil, honey (it can be omitted if not available)

How to make:

Step 1:

– Make brown sugary water to marinate the meat to get beautiful color
+ Add about 3 tablespoons of sugar into the pan with a little water until the sugar turns to yellow brown color
+ Add a little water and boil again to make water and sugar melt together. Please do not ignite the sugar water too long so the color of the grill will not be beautiful.
– Clean the pork belly, shave the hairs and slice it into thin pieces.


Step 2:

– Put the meat in a separate box or bowl to marinate with seasoning, a little sugar, a little fish sauce, oyster cooking oil, brown sugar water and chopped onions and garlic.

– If the meat can be marinated with honey, its fragrance and color are better.

Step 3:

– Pork shoulder after clean should be minced. Chopping is the best if you can


– Roll ground pork shoulder into round pieces and marinate the pork shoulder with the same way as the pork belly
– Set aside in another box and put both things in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours
– If you eat at noon, marinate in the morning or marinate at noon for dinner
– You can also marinate the meat overnight, so it will be softer and more delicious.


Step 4: Make sweet and sour dipping sauce


– Peel the carrots and cucumber. Then, cut into flower shaped pieces or slice them. Mix a handful of salt with carrots and cucumber to squeeze the water. Pick up to a bowl and mix with sugar, rice vinegar and garlic. This mixture is served with the dipping sauce and grilled patties. You can replace with kohlrabi and green papaya.
– Take the amount of water you need into a bowl. Next, add sugar, seasoning powder, chopped garlics, rice vinegar and lemon juice. Well mix to make the sweet and sour sauce.
– Add the fish sauce to the spoon and slowly add to the sweet and sour mixture to adjust the sweetness and sourness as your taste.
– Then, add the mixture of carrot and cucumber into the sauce. Add scliced chilli to get full taste: sour, spicy, salty and sweet.

– Rinse fresh herbs including salads, perilla, Vietnamese balm, mint leaves, basil and bean sprout salted fresh water scales. Then, soak into the salty water for 15-30 minutes before taking out to a colander and make it dry.

Step 5: Grill the pork meat

– Lean meat in a small batch, just put the meat in a blender and grilled with charcoal to the two flowers gold.

– Arrange pork balls into the grill grate. Grill them on the charcoal to make both sides yellow brown.

– Separately grill meat balls and pieces to get well done.


* Because the meat has been marinated with oyster oil, so you do not worry about dry or burning meat while grilling. The grilled meat is very soft with beautiful brown color. You can also grill in the oven because it is convenient without smoke and the meat is cooked evenly, without getting burnt.
+ Place the meat on the grill grate and put it in the oven and set aside to close the oven door.
+ For the remaining space, put a piece of silver paper and arrange the pork balls to grill together.
+ You should remember to turn the heat at 220oC to make the oven really hot before putting the meat to grill. Time to grill is about 10 minutes.
+ Use the chopsticks to turn the sides of meat balls and make it evenly well done. You do not need to turn the meat pieces.


– Before serving, put noodles, grilled pork meat and fresh herbs into the plates.


For other recipes of Vietnamese traditional dishes like noodle soup with beef/ chicken, deep grilled spring rolls, Vietnamese meals, you can come and find at the Hanoi cooking class.


Hope that you will enjoy!




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