Stories about Hanoi’s sweet gruel


Stories about Hanoi’s sweet gruel

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Hanoi’s sweet gruel is not something strange Unlike two season in the South of Vietnam, the North has 4 distinct seasons. And in the hot days of summer, Hanoi people will enjoy the bowls of cool sweetened gruel. Although it is not colorful or eye-catchy, it is very refreshing and...


My Son Sanctuary-World Heritage Site in Central Vietnam

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My Son Sanctuary, an ancient Unesco World Heritage Site is located in the central part of Vietnam and amongst the mountains in a geological basin of the Quang Nam province about 70km southwest of Danang City and 40km from Hoi An City In the fourth century, King Bhadravaman had the...


Hanoi cyclo (Rickshaw) – a three-wheel bicycle taxi

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Historical accounts reveal that in 1888, after Vietnam’s feudal regime ceded Hanoi, which was no longer its capital, to the French as a concession land , the French president issued a plan for the city to be redesigned as a European city. Four years later, the French colonialists outlined a...


Communal Temple Carvings

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The communal temple is a cornerstone of each Vietnamese community. A line in an old song states: “Going through the communal temple, I remove my hat to look at it. The temple has as many tiles as I have ways to love you.” According to ancient beliefs of feng sui,...