Reasons why foreign tourists like trekking in Sapa

Because of the short time to stay in Vietnam, many foreign tourists want to find places where they can truly experience and enjoy. Sapa is one of such these places. Here are some reasons why they choose Sapa for trekking

Tourism by train

Many tourists choose the train to arrive in Lao Cai before moving to Sapa

No matter whom you are traveling with, alone or with friends, you will find no difficulty on the way to Sapa. Because the journey is quite long, taking the train at night will save much time. It will be a truly experience for those who travel by train in the first time. However, you should be aware of your luggage and belongings while sleeping on the train.

Walk around Sapa town

Let’s start the journey from the center of the town. With the fame of beauty and peace, Sapa is partially similar to Hanoi as there are many ancient buildings built from French colonist. It will take you some hours to walk around this beautiful small town. On the way, you will catch the herd. Have you ever seen the white buffalo? If not, please come here to see and learn much more.

Discover the cultural life of the ethnic minorities

Sapa is the home to several ethnic minorities, in which, the majority is H’Mong. When you arrive in Sapa, the ethnic women will take you to the mountains and introduce brocade items they made. You can easily talk with them in English because spoken English is no longer strange to them. This is a good chance to discover the culture and lifestyle of the locals

Hoang Lien Son mountain range

In the Sapa tour, if you want a hiking, certainly you can not ignore the Hoang Lien Son range. You will firsthand sightsee the majestic beauty of the mountains. The stunning and picturesque scenes will be revealed after every step you take.

Spectacular nature

If you are a nature lover, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the Hoang Lien Son range. If you like photography, you should not miss this place during your trip.
In addition, the natural landscape of Sapa is also the highlights. You will be captivated towards majestic but charming and romantic beauty of this tourist site.

Children of highland

Children of ethnic minorities you can see during your trekking in Sapa

Children here have to work to support their families. Normally, the children at the age of 7 to 9 will follow tourists to sell jewelry and souvenirs with the cheap price. We also take a long distance to get to school. When not in school, the children will sell items to tourists. You should buy the bracelets embroidered by hands instead of giving them candies because at least, in doing so, you will help them get a meal during the day.

Immerse yourself into the local culture at homestay

Homestay is the best way to discover the lives of the locals in the Northwest of Vietnam. The houses will provide simple accommodation with a mattress, a mosquito net and clean toilet for guests.
Maybe it is not entirely comfortable, but this is definitely a good opportunity to meet local people, eat, drink and enjoy specialties. The home owners are very friendly and helpful to talk with you even whether you are foreigners or not.

Ending the day with wonderful sunset scene

There is nothing more interesting than watching the sunset from the top of the mountain. You will also realize that Sapa town hidden under fog is very mysterious and attractive.

Sunset on the high mountains in Sapa

A few notes for a Sapa tour

Each year, Sapa has 160 days in average which are with mostly cloudy and foggy. Therefore, cloudy sky can obscure your vision. Rain and fog will also cause a lot of difficulties for the trip. If you do not want your journey to be interrupted, you should search more about weather conditions before leaving.

If you want to save money, you should book the train tickets in advance at Hanoi station. After arriving in Lao Cai station, there are many buses or passenger cars so you can easily move to the town.

If you do not want to get any difficulties on the road for trekking, do not forget to bring your hiking shoes or rubber boots.

The above mentioned reasons are some of the reviews collected from many foreign tourists. If you are interested in Sapa tour or trekking in Sapa, do not hesitate to plan for your trip.



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