Stories about Hanoi’s sweet gruel

Hanoi’s sweet gruel is not something strange

Unlike two season in the South of Vietnam, the North has 4 distinct seasons. And in the hot days of summer, Hanoi people will enjoy the bowls of cool sweetened gruel. Although it is not colorful or eye-catchy, it is very refreshing and delicious. It is a great gift in the sunny days.

Hanoi’s sweet gruel – the elegant of women

No one knows when the vendors of sweet gruel appear for sure but its images are always in their hearts. Sweet gruel can be considered as something wonderful under the clever hands of Hanoi’s women. Color is harmonious, sweetness is enough and the look is simple but very elegant.

This kind of sweet dish is cooked from simple ingredients available in kitchen such as green beans, black beans, lotus seeds or young green rice… It is often served in a small and pretty bowl. Hanoi’s sweet gruel is very suitable to cool yourself in summer.
Even though there are so many cakes and ice cream sold on streets of Hanoi, traditional sweet gruel has its firm position in the local people’s hearts. The grandmothers or mothers still teach next generations how to cook this dish, so that every time when summer comes, they will know that there is one good way to cool down the heat for family and express their cleverness.

Must-try sweet gruel

1. Sweet gruel with lotus seeds and longan


For a long time, lotus seeds became the favorite ingredient in Hanoi cuisine, especially in the sweet gruel or cake. Taste of lotus seeds are sweet and cool so it is good for our health. The sweet gruel with lotus seeds and longan is the great mixture between two different tastes of sweetness.
The sweet gruel with lotus seeds and longan is not only elegant in taste but also complicated in cooking. Each bowl of this kind of gruel is making good contribution in cooling the hot weather in Hanoi.

Do you like trying to cook this one? If yes, we can offer you a Hanoi cooking class where you can learn many traditional dishes of Vietnam and try it.

2. Sweet Kudzu powder gruel


Like lotus seeds, Kudzu powder is one of most favorite dishes to cool the high heat in Hanoi. The kudze will be mashed into the flour and marinated with unforgettably typical Kudzu powder. People often mix that kind of flour and cook on stove to make it gelatinous. Then, they will add sugar as per taste of each person.

3. Sweet pomelo peel gruel


When it comes to sweet gruel, we cannot forget the pomelo peel. The unique thing of this gruel is that we can make the bitter pomelo peels into a delicious sweet dishes. It is common all over the country but in Hanoi, it still has own taste. Although locals are not familiar to add iced when enjoying, with the sweet pomelo gruel, they will eat with iced. Besides the pomelo, we will cook with green beans and coconut milk.

Currently, lots of restaurants or street stalls mushrooms to serve many kinds of delicious dishes but we still can enjoy the sweetened gruel in Old Quarter (Hang Da Street or Dong Xuan market…). If you just have a little time, you can join a Hanoi home cooking class to learn how to make it. Simple but interesting activity for you to take part in and discover Hanoi or Vietnam culture and cuisine.



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