The highlights of this tour are a combination between Hanoi food and Hanoi Old Quarter culture discovery at local eateries, historic sites, a local house or a handicraft workshop. We take you the behind the scenes and watch how residents live and work.

Let’s do this Hanoi discover tour in early morning as we start at 8 am and enjoy breakfast such as a hot bowl of Pho or steamed rice rolls . Then we move to the Hoan Kiem lake and hear about the legend story and relax here for a while before heading to the dessert spot called egg-coffee shop. This shop is hidden on a small lane and it’s been run by a family since 1946. Egg coffee is a must try for any tourists coming to Hanoi.

Leave the coffee shop, on the way, we visit the old house with typical architecture of built at the late of the 20th century. We coming to this house will get to know more about lifestyle of Hanoians in the past as it still reserves memories about the old Hanoians’ life and the objects as well.

Next stop is Bach Ma (white horse) temple situated in the middle of Hanoi Old Quarter is the city’s oldest temple that is dedicated to a white horse that helped the King to build the citadel when he settled here.

Then, we take a visit to the biggest market in Hanoi, Dong Xuan for souvenir shopping with various items (the local guide can bargain). Actually, this market is a busy trade center that is filled with lots of stalls offering a wide range of goods such as clothes, dried food, electronic stuff, accessories and household goods as well.

Now it’s time to discover the traditional handicraft among the Old Quarter. We will visit a local house located inside a neighborhood complex that new guests couldn’t normally come into without the guide.

Upon arrival, complimentary local tea, and we visit their small workshop and watch a craftsman making the traditional paper masks and learn how to make ones and hear stories about their handicrafts has been passed down from generation to generation. Especially, you can practice painting your own masks. This moment is really relaxing to just sit in their workshop, away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi.

Say goodbye to locals and we head to the local food stall specializing in Bun Cha ( Grilled pork and noodles) to have lunch and then get another dessert is Fruit Salad at the last stop of this tour.

End this culture and food tour brings you clearer insight into Hanoi Old Quarter.